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Founded in 2003, Samhosoon PCB Dept now has 3 manufacturing base , which are located in Huizhou, Guanzhou Shenzhen, monthly output reaches 200,000 Sqm for 2 & Multilayer PCB, 150,000sqm for 1 layer PCB. With continuous upgrading on Technique, production capacity, client property, quality assurance, the total output value reaches 550 Million RMB in 2019, target to be 700 Million RMB in 2020.

To meet the increasing requirement of high-tech Electronic products as 5G, AI, We persist in PCB manufacturing as main business, keep investing to build the company as a large scale, modernized, intelligent, eco-protection enterprise.

Our PCB includes: 1 & 2 layer up to 26 layer, HDI, Rigid-Flex, High Frequency, Metal Base, these are widely used in 5G, Aerospace, Military, Automation, digital products. 


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